Google Revealed The New Online Shopping Tools

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Google has revealed the new online shopping tools which are intended to make online shopping more comfortable and more user-friendly to all ages.

This comes with the ability to shop with Google Lens, you will be able to search images on a page with Google Lens on iOS, the new tech is also coming to Chrome on your desktop computer.

We know that inspiration can strike at any time. Whether it’s an image that you see online, a photo you saved on your phone or something in the real world that catches your eye, Google Lens makes the products you see instantly shoppable.

Starting soon, iOS users will see a new button in the Google app to make all the images on a page searchable through Google Lens. Now, finding this lamp or that shirt (and ones like it) is just a tap away.

We’re also bringing Lens to Chrome on your desktop. Soon, you will be able to select images, video and text content on a website with Lens to quickly see search results in the same tab — without leaving the page you’re on.

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