Google Stadia Is Getting More Games, But Nothing Else

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Stadia is getting additional games, and might one day it will be cool, but nothing in today’s Stadia Connect event made it look like the platform has changed a corner as it strives to build a new ecosystem for gaming.

The most interesting game announced during today’s event was Super Bomberman R Online, a followup to the 2017 game, it will come with an all-new 64-player battle royale mode. It’s only a timed exclusive, while many of the other games discussed during the presentation have already been out for a while on other consoles.

Google didn’t have much to say about how Stadia features like crowd play and state share are coming along, or why they seem to only be available for a few games at the moment. And there was no news about any kind of new pricing model that might make getting old games at high prices, games that will continue locked behind your Stadia user account, more enjoyable.

Here’s what Google announce.


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