GoPro Karma Drone is Coming To Shock You Soon

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GoPro Karma

If you are a fan of drones and you love a little bit of drone filming then you will love this new GoPro drone. GoPro announced its new drone, the GoPro Karma drone.

Karma features a compact, fits-in-a-small-backpack design and includes an image-stabilization grip that can be handheld or mounted to vehicles, gear and more.

Karma makes it easy for anyone to capture amazingly smooth, stabilized video during almost any activity.

Karma features a painless out-of-the-box experience unlike any other drone in the market:

  • Compact and foldable, the entire system fits into the included backpack that’s so comfortable to wear during any activity, users will forget they’ve got it on.

  • A game-style controller features an integrated touch display, making it fun, fast and easy to fly without the need for a separate phone or tablet to see what your drone sees.

  • The 3-axis camera stabilizer can be removed from the drone and attached to the included Karma Grip for capturing ultra-smooth handheld and gear-mounted footage.

The GoPro Karma drone will go on sale on the 23rd of October and prices for the drone starts at $799, which is quite steep and borderline price for professional drones.


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