Gord is Packed With Horrors in this Survival City Builder

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Gord is a new video game that has caught the attention of many gamers around the world. The name itself is peculiar and might not be the best choice for a video game title, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an exciting game to play. In fact, based on the new gameplay trailer released today, Gord looks like it might be very cool, if not entirely pleasant.

When we first got a glimpse of Gord back in 2021, we predicted that the game would be unpleasant due to the fact that horrible things were going to happen to your villagers. This prediction was confirmed when we got a closer look at the game in September 2022. We described it as a “Diablo town manager,” which is not good news for anyone who knows what that entails.

The new trailer released today only reinforces the idea that Gord is going to be a challenging game. It is a singleplayer strategy game that focuses on the Tribe of the Dawn, who find themselves struggling to survive in forbidden lands inspired by Slavic folklore. While the game might look like a straightforward city management sim on the surface, it also features a quest system that will force you to venture beyond the relative safety of your city walls.

The main quest will take your people on a journey through evil-infested lands, while side quests like monster hunting and questing for treasures and secrets will keep them busy during their downtime. But it’s not just the physical health and happiness of your people that you need to worry about in Gord; mental health is an issue too. The world of Gord is a stressful place, and everyone has their limits.

As for the name, Gord, it is a uniquely Canadian given name, noted by Wikipedia as “uniquely and idiosyncratically Canadian.” While the game might have been inspired by a medieval fortified settlement found in central and eastern Europe in the 6th to 12th centuries, the name Gord is purely Canadian. Despite its oddity, there are a lot of people in Canada with the name Gord, which might explain why the developers chose it as the title of their game.

All in all, Gord looks like it’s going to be a challenging, yet exciting game to play. The game’s focus on Slavic folklore and mental health issues sets it apart from other city management sims, and the quest system promises to keep players engaged for hours on end. Whether or not the name Gord will grow on players remains to be seen, but it’s clear that the game itself has a lot of potential.

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