Gorgeous Battlefield “Trailer” Was Shot Completely Using Unsuspecting Real Players

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Gage Allen makes amazing video game trailers. But for this Battlefield video, he wanted to do something new. Instead of fully staging every shot and lining everything up just right, he tried to just play Battlefield, capture a ton of footage of random strangers running around.

“Battlefield is known for massive moments of scale. Destruction, online operations, and war stories”, he writes of the video. “The trailers are meticulously crafted – from cinematics to online gameplay where every player is an actor that is being directed to do a specific action. But what would it be like if you didn’t coordinate anything? Could something created entirely from random multiplayer matches – with no players aware their actions were being filmed – still deliver an original story with emotional weight? And finally, how good could you make that look? This was the challenge I took on in this short film.”

Allen works a lot singlehandedly, from the writing to the VFX to the audio mix. Check out his YouTube page for more of his work.

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