Gran Turismo 4 Cheat Codes Found After 19 Years

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Gran Turismo 4

Cheat codes have long been a controversial topic in the gaming world, with some players seeing them as a way to enhance the gaming experience while others view them as a way to cheat and undermine the integrity of the game. In the case of Gran Turismo 4, a player going by the name Nenkaai has discovered a set of cheat codes that could potentially make the game much easier to play.

One of the cheat codes discovered by Nenkaai allows the user to automatically pass a license test in the game. For those who may not be familiar with Gran Turismo 4, the game features a series of license tests that players must pass in order to progress through the game and unlock new cars and tracks. These tests can be notoriously difficult, so a cheat code that allows players to bypass them could be seen as a major advantage.

In addition to the license test cheat, Nenkaai also shared other cheat codes that can be activated to make the game easier. These include codes that unlock all cars and tracks, increase the player’s cash balance, and improve the performance of their cars.

While cheat codes have been a part of gaming culture for decades, they have become less prevalent in recent years as online gaming and multiplayer games have become more popular. Many game developers have also taken steps to prevent cheating in their games, such as implementing anti-cheat software or banning players who are caught using cheat codes.

However, for some players, cheat codes are still a fun and harmless way to enhance their gaming experience. It remains to be seen how the discovery of these cheat codes in Gran Turismo 4 will be received by the game’s developers and the wider gaming community.

However, there are often restrictions placed on the use of cheat codes to maintain fairness and balance within the game. In some cases, cheat codes may only be unlocked after a certain amount of time has passed in-game. This is likely the case with the cheat codes that Nenkaai mentions, which can only be entered after 365 in-game days have passed.

It is unclear how exactly this player discovered these cheat codes. It is possible that they stumbled upon them by chance, or perhaps they were shared by other players in online forums or communities dedicated to the game. Alternatively, the player may have used software or tools to hack into the game’s code and uncover the cheat codes themselves.

Regardless of how they were discovered, the use of cheat codes can have both positive and negative effects on a player’s experience with a game. On the one hand, cheat codes can provide a fun and novel way to experience a game, allowing players to experiment with different gameplay mechanics or access content that they would not otherwise be able to see. On the other hand, the use of cheat codes can detract from the challenge and satisfaction of playing a game as intended, and can be seen as cheating by other players in competitive settings.

In the end, it is up to individual players to decide whether or not to use cheat codes in their gaming experiences. While cheat codes may provide a temporary boost, they can also lead to a less fulfilling and less challenging experience overall.

The discovered cheat codes are as follows:

  • 10,000,000 Credits: Select, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, L1, R1, Select
  • Pass a License: Select, R1, Select, R1, Select, L2, L2, R2, R2, L1, Select, Select
  • Earn Gold On a Specific License Test: Select, Select, R1, R2, L2, L2, Select, L1, R1, Select, R2, L1, Select
  • Earn Gold Any Event: Select, L1, Up, Up, Select, R1, Down, Down, Select, L2, Select, R2, Select

As Nenkaai notes, the cheat for earning Gold on any event is a bit finicky and “doesn’t always work.” It’s possible more cheat codes are hidden within the game. After all, the newly discovered cheat codes remained hidden for nearly two decades.

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