Gran Turismo 7 New Microtransaction Model Explained

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Gran Turismo 7

Fans of the franchise are asking how microtransactions in the new Gran Turismo 7 are being controlled after it was announced that Polyphony Digital has done away with direct car acquisitions in favor of buying credits. This has made it so that some of the case cars could cost as much as $40.

In the last Gran Turismo game — Gran Turismo Sport — cars could be bought at a set price. In Gran Turismo 7, however, players can only gain in-game currency called Credits which vary from $2.49 for 100,000 credits or $20 for 2,000,000 credits.

While credits can be acquired in-game through excessive game playing, this new microtransaction system has resulted in some modifications within the marketplace after the last Gran Turismo game. According to VGC, cars that would cost $5 in Gran Turismo Sport, are about $40, as it costs 3,000,000 credits or purchasing the 2,000,000 credits option twice.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7’s credit charges are likely meant to facilitate players to grind for their favorite cars and earn credits through in-game challenges. But the loss of one-off car purchases still stings. Plus, given some Legendary cars are 3,000,000 credits, not having the option to buy only the required amount also leaves a bitter taste.

Gran Turismo Sport

However, players with plenty of time to drive towards their dream car on their own will be pleased to know there’s an excellent game worth the grind. IGN’s Grand Turismo 7 review hailed the new Polyphony Digital sim as one of the finest in the series “enhanced by the PS5’s gorgeous graphics[.]”

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