Grand Theft Auto 5′ PC Petition Surpasses 550,000 Signatures

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Two weeks have passed since Grand Theft Auto 5 was released for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 and fans of Rockstar’s action-adventure franchise have undoubtedly been clocking in plenty of hours in the world of Los Santos. Players that braved the connectivity issues were even able to get their first taste of Grand Theft Auto Online last night. Although console owners are living it up in Rockstar’s latest sandbox, PC gamers are still anxiously awaiting an official announcement of a PC port of GTA5. Instead of waiting quietly, an impressive number of PC gamers are making it their mission to remind Rockstar to let them in on the fun.

GTA 5 gangsters

A petition to bring GTA 5 to the PC is rapidly approaching its million signature target. At this point, over 570,000 supporters have taken the time to endorse the petition. The fact that the petition has only been live for a week and has already surpassed the half million mark should help rule out any possible doubts about PC gamers’ interest in purchasing GTA 5.
The petition’s creator, Mike Julliard, set the online petition up so each new signature would trigger a notification email directed at Rockstar. He has since added the distributor, Take-Two Interactive, to the list of recipients. It’s unlikely that the petition will have any real impact on Rockstar’s decision about if and when to release GTA 5 for the PC, but it’s certainly a question we’re all waiting to hear the answer to.


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