Grand Theft Auto 5: Guide To Crashed UFO and REAL UFO

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gta 5 flying ufo

Grand Theft Auto 5: Guide To Crashed UFO and REAL UFO

There are two UFO’s in GTA 5, one is a crashed UFO at the bottom of the ocean and another is a real, flying UFO that you can spot during the nights in Los Santos. I am here to tell you about both UFOs in the game, so let’s see where you can find the GTA 5 UFOs.

In order to get a chance to find the underwater UFO, you need to first complete Trevor’s mission where he has to steal the submarine, then purchase the Sonar Collection Dock in order to get access to the submarine (which is also required for collecting the Nuclear Waste in the game). Get into free roam mode with the submarine and go to the place marked on the map (at minute 1:16 in the video below). It will take you about 10 minutes to get there, but you will see your crashed UFO in GTA 5:

But that’s not all! There are real UFOs as well in Grand Theft Auto 5, and you can see one of them flying over Mt Chiliad at night. Simply go there with a vehicle during the night and you will see it flying around (it stays there until morning comes). If you honk your horn, there are reports that you will get a cool Jetpack from the aliens, too, so they obviously come in peace. Check out the video below and have in mind that it only appears after you get 100% completion of the game!

You can see the Second UFO in Action here !


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