Grand Theft Auto Online Update From Rockstar Lists All Known Issues

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If you’re eager to play Grand Theft Auto Online but have been unable to thanks to the current issues plaguing the launch of Grand Theft Auto V‘s multiplayer mode, we feel your pain. Most of our crew have been trying and failing to join in the mayhem since the launch of GTA Online this week, so we’re keeping an ear to the ground for any news of possible fixes.

Rockstar Games yesterday published a list of all the currently known issues that players had been facing either when attempting to get into the game or – if they managed that – while playing through missions. Ranging from freezing, error messages, failed matchmaking to being lost in transitions and loading screens, Rockstar is advising players to await updates while they continue to right their online wrongs.

The good news is that the known bugs page has now received an update, and that a PlayStation Network server issue that had been preventing PS3 users from accessing GTA Online has been fixed, meaning that most PS3 users should now at least be able to start playing the game. Rockstar also said that the technicians are currently working on an issue that was preventing players from completing the tutorial, and some instability that was disrupting gameplay even beyond that opening mission.

Until the issues are resolved, microtransactions for GTA$ cards have been disabled.

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Time seems to pass all the more slowly when waiting for bug fixes in such a highly-anticipated game, which can lead to some serious anger and frustration. Many players have taken to the Rockstar forums to vent, but the best option for those who are severely struggling to get into GTA Online at all might be to pick up another game for a day or two, or switch to the GTA V singleplayer campaign and simply wait out the current teething problems. After all, if there’s one thing the GTA games have always been able to offer, it’s catharsis.

GTA Online isn’t the only multiplayer game to experience a tricky launch, and things will have to get pretty bad before Rockstar manages to top the disastrous launch of SimCity earlier this year. The servers are no doubt experiencing massive amounts of traffic, based on the fact that GTA V sold 15 million units and made over $1 billion within its first week of release.


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