Grand Theft Auto V Mod Brings The Last of Us to Los Santos

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It seems like something straight out of Will Smith’s I am Legend. This latest mod does a great job of remaking The Last of Us within Grand Theft Auto V. Modder Rapidiment has taken the Los Santos city center map and given it a post-apocalyptic make over that captures the feel of The Last of Us. The Joel model used in this video is from a modder named GTAFREAK67S.

Joel walking around Los Santos which is covered in vegetation and random debris. Boulders, cars, trucks, foliage, and crates can be climbed up on, and also serve as a way to block the player from venturing out too far. This mod doesn’t have any of the infected, zombie-like monsters from TLoU, but other than that, it’s a pretty faithful recreation of Sony’s hit title. it is a one incredible stroll in the GTA world.


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