Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos is Flooded

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Grand Theft Auto has always been a prime target for mod-based madness. On one memorable occasion, the Hulk went on a giant green ballsack-punching rampage across San Andreas, as a playable character in the fourth game. In the world of modding, nobody asks why the eff, we just enjoy the peculiar results.

Fans of ball-busting blockbuster GTA V may have noticed the seasonal snowfall that plagued Los Santos over the holiday period. That was a novelty, but not quite crazy-ass enough for our liking. Which is why we approve of this latest odd mod: the entire city submerged under water for no fathomable reason.

It’s not only fancy-ass Venetians who can commute to work in a boat, while a dude on the back sings at them. Behold Bushigan’s ‘Tsunami Mod,’ from the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

With your scuba gear equipped, the downtown area is transformed. It’s quite a sight. Ever wanted the sensation of being a humanoid goldfish in an impossibly vast, crimetastic bowl? Of course you have. With the aid of a little PS3 jail-breakery, you can now live the dream.

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