Great Steam Tips for New and Veteran Users

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Steam is the go-to platform for video game enthusiasts. Valve struck a goldmine when they decided to launch a service that allows gamers to purchase and download video games and not worry about pirating or using multiple platforms to enjoy their hobby. 

As Gabe Newell said, piracy is the problem of service. Before Steam, there were hardly any alternative methods to create video game libraries. Now, most gamers cannot imagine living without Steam. 

If you want to get even more out of the platform, consider the tips below. These should come in quite handy. And who knows, you might discover Steam features that you didn’t know existed in the first place.


Connection Problems

Let’s start with connection problems. There are instances when steam won’t launch itself or some video games on it. If that happens, clearing the Steam cache should be the first thing to do.

It is also possible that the problem lies in your internet rather than Steam. Check if the network is working properly. 

The last bit of advice is to reinstall the software. Deleting Steam should not take too long, and reinstalling the platform may solve its performance problems. 


Beta Program

You can change your Steam settings to participate in the platform’s beta program. Since Steam is so massive, it continues to push new features to improve user experience. It is natural that they are looking for participants who would like to test the upcoming features.



Steam is well aware of potential cybersecurity threats that pose a danger to its users. That’s why they ask players to use strong passwords. Whenever you change account information or want to access Steam on a new device, you will need to confirm the security code you receive on email.

It is also recommended to add an extra security layer by providing Steam with your phone number. In case something suspicious is happening with your account, Steam might block it and send you a text message to inform you about potential problems.


Library Management

Steam games are displayed in alphabetical order in your library. If you have a few games, managing them should not be an issue. Besides, there is a search feature that you can use to enter a game’s name and find it.

On the other hand, some Steam users have hundreds or even thousands of games. For them, creating separate categories would make more sense because it would make organizing games easier. You can add new collections and group different games into different categories on Steam.


Non-Steam Games

Adding a game that is not available on Steam is another neat feature. If you do not wish to bother using multiple game clients to launch certain video games and would rather stick to Steam, add Non-Steam games in the bottom left corner of the platform’s interface.

Video Games

Steam Cloud

If you plan to purchase a new computer or expect to spend some time away from home but have access to a laptop or PC, you can still install Steam and access your account to continue playing some video games where you left off. 

Enabling Steam Cloud synchronization in the Steam Settings tab will let game saves be stored on Valve’s servers. However, keep in mind that Steam may not support this feature for certain games.


Sharing Game Library

Do you have family members who also play games but have a different Steam account? If you use the same PC, you can share up to 10 games with your family. You can enable the feature in the Family tab available in Steam Settings.



Some video games may fail to meet your expectations; some games may not run optimally on your computer. In other words, if you are disappointed with your purchase, Steam’s refund policy will let you get your money back so long as you submit the request within two weeks of the purchase, and the time spent playing the game is less than two hours.

Steam trading cards

Trading Cards

Steam trading cards are just one part of the market. By purchasing and playing games, you receive trading cards you can turn into gems or sell on the market to get back some money you spent on a video game.

Valve also added Steam Points that you can exchange for avatars, backgrounds, emotes, and other vanities. 



If you have friends who cannot afford a game, you can purchase a copy as a gift rather than one for yourself. Remember, though, that you need to have a recipient in your friend list. Gifting a Steam game to random people is not an option.



After the success of streaming on platforms like Twitch TV and Facebook, it did not take too long for Valve to realize that they can benefit as well. 

While broadcasts on Steam are not as popular, it is still a nice addition, especially if it is developer streams where they talk about their game details.

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