‘Greyhill Incident’ Is Coming To Your Xbox Next Week

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Greyhill Incident

Imagine if you were to take the concept of “Destroy All Humans!” and infuse it with an eerie, spine-chilling atmosphere. The result would be a game resembling the enigmatic “Greyhill Incident,” a story-driven survival horror experience that is set to grace the Xbox platform next week. This upcoming title has been generating quite a buzz lately, capturing the attention of gamers worldwide.

In many ways, “Greyhill Incident” harkens back to the era of “Destroy All Humans!” when unconventional, medium-budget games would emerge seemingly out of nowhere, boasting peculiar and captivating premises. It’s a rarity to come across alien-themed games in today’s gaming landscape, making “Greyhill Incident” a breath of fresh air in its own right.

However, it’s important to note that “Greyhill Incident” diverges significantly from the classic THQ title, particularly when it comes to its visual style. Instead of vibrant and vivid colors, the game embraces a gritty aesthetic, evoking a sense of realism reminiscent of “War of the Worlds.”

Interestingly enough, the news of “Greyhill Incident” coming to Xbox consoles caught many by surprise, including ourselves. Nevertheless, we are delighted to confirm that this highly anticipated game will be launching exclusively for Xbox Series X and S on June 9th. Prepare yourself for an otherworldly journey filled with tension and dread as you step into the world of “Greyhill Incident.”

“This story-driven Survival-Horror game is about a classic Alien-Invasion which takes place during the early 90s. As Ryan Baker, equipped with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his revolver, the story takes you across the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill which is invaded by UFOs & Grey Aliens.”


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