GTA 5 Flight School DLC Details

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GTA 5 Flight School DLC

GTA 5 Flight School DLC: New Jets, Planes, Helicopters and Cars Gameplay Info Revealed.

Rockstar Games has just rolled out the highly-anticipated Flight School DLC with the 1.16 update, while discerning YouTube gamers and tipsters have already unearthed some interesting gameplay tips and tricks for flying new Jets, planes and helicopters in GTA Online.

Two such discerning YouTube tipsters, DomisLive (aka Dom) and iCrazyTeddy, have shed more light on the gameplay tips and tricks for flying Besra, Buckingham Mil-Jet and the Swift helo.

Western Besra

The Western Besra is basically a training jet plane in GTA Online that enables you to master the art of combat manoeuvring, low-flying challenages, formation flying and more. The Besra is priced at $1,150,000 ($GTA) and can be tried out for free in GTA 5 single-player mode, before you decide to own them in GTA Online.

Tip #1: Rockstar seems to have lowered the payouts for Rooftop Rumble with the release of Flight School DLC or 1.16 title update for GTA 5. Hence, it is imperative that you spend your hard-earned money wiser than ever before in GTA Online.

You should note that the Besra will be a single seater fighter jet plane that should come handy for a quick escape during hot pursuits and upcoming Heist missions.

Buckingham Mil-Jet

Buckingham Mil-Jet is better known as the Miltary Jet plane in Flight School DLC that costs you $1,700,000 ($GTA) and has a seating capacity to fit in your entire crew (16 people) for a grand escapade.

This plane would definitely be an ideal choice for the upcoming Heist missions in GTA Online.

Swift Helo

The Swift Helo is a luxury cruise helicopter that debuts with Flight School DLC. It is available in two variants with their respective price tags set for $1,500,000 and $1,600,000 ($GTA) in GTA Online.

It must be noted that both the Swift variants can accommodate a total of four players in them.

The Invetero Coquette Classic

The Coquette Classic is the luxury sports car in Flight School DLC, which will be available in two variants: hard top and topless. It will set you back by $665,000 ($GTA).

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