GTA 5 is Free on the Epic Games Store

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GTA 5 Premium Online Edition

GTA 5 is now free on the Epic Games Store, It is not easy though you will have a bit of trouble collecting your free game. It turns that a lot of people want to get it, and the high traffic is causing sluggish loading times and launcher crashes. So, good luck with having a free game.

The ad was deleted, but nothing truly dies on the internet, so here it is courtesy of Wario64.

Despite coming out on PC five years ago, GTA 5 is consistently among the top ten most famous games on Steam and triumphs as many active players now as it’s ever had—there’s a very good chance you already own it.

You’ll be able to get it on the Epic Games Store from today until May 21. It’s a good time to get in, as there’s some mysterious stuff going down in GTA Online.


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