GTA 5 jetpacks Will Be a Reality Soon!

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GTA 5 jetpacks

Rockstar may be planning to introduce a new way of getting around in Grand Theft Auto V, if newly discovered references in the game’s code are any indication.

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Posting on the Se7enSins forums, user Chr0m3 x MoDz revealed the existence of strings of text in the game’s code that mention a jetpack, something which is not a part of GTA V as it exists today. While some might assume these are outdated references to something that was scrapped during development, the post indicates these references did not exist prior to the 1.12 update released earlier this month.

Speculation suggests a jetpack could be included as part of a future DLC release or expansion pack. It would not be the first time players were able to make use of a jetpack in the GTA series–San Andreasplayers might remember getting their hands on one that allowed them to fly around and use a handful of weapons back in 2004.

Since its launch last year, Rockstar has continued to update Grand Theft Auto V’s online component, Grand Theft Auto Online, to iron out problems and introduce new content. The developer announced earlier this month that heists would finally be coming to GTA Online sometime this spring. We also knowdownloadable content expanding the story of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor–the game’s three protagonist–is on the way this year, though specific details have yet to be announced. Source


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