GTA 5 Looks Gorgeous With NVE and Reshade Mods on RTX 3090

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Digital Dreams has a new project for you, where they run GTA 5 on RTX 3090 with the NVE graphics mod.

While the official next-gen update has been released for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S users earlier this year, Rockstar has not announced any plans for releasing the same update on PC, though we have seen some suggestions around it in the Rockstar’s earlier update files.

That being said, even with the coming of the next-gen update for PC, it probably wouldn’t be able to contest with some of the most outstanding graphics mods that we have already acquired from creative modders.

The only thing wrong with mods is probably the fact that they are not optimized enough, and people would really need to have a robust PC to enjoy them.

Recently, Digital Dreams has shared a new video on YouTube, showing off Grand Theft Auto 5 running on an RTX 3090 with the well-known NVE mod and the YouTuber’s own Reshade and Ray-Tracing mod.

The result looks stunning. You can’t find any official update for GTA V that could make the game looks anything close to the footage below, though it only runs excellent on powerful PC systems.

If you want to try out the NVE mod, you should first become a supporter of its creator on Patreon. You can check the mod’s features here. However, if you don’t want to pay for the mod, you can look for some other free graphics mods like the ENB series.

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