GTA 5 Mod Will Add 70 New Missions

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If you want more of GTA 5 but don’t like to get on to GTA Online, then this 70-mission mod pack could be something you are hoping for.

Modder alebal makes the missions using the strong Mission Maker tool, and after watching the trailer no two missions will be the same. You’ll be moving goods in trucks, flying helicopters, shooting up positions, skydiving onto yachts, and sniping from building tops.

What’s perhaps most remarkable is that alebal isn’t done: he adds 10 new mods with every important update, and the most recent batch was released last weekend. By the time you finished all 70, there may well be another 10 to get into.

Read the installation directions at the bottom of the mod page—you’ll need to download Mission Maker to make the mod work, by the sounds of it. If you’re having difficulty with a particular mission then it’s worth looking into the comments on the mod page, where alebal suggests fixes. Some missions seem to need the popular Open All Interiors mod, and mission 44 requires this specific mod.

You should start with the 10 most newest missions if you can because they’ll be created with the newest version of Mission Maker.

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Thanks, DSOGaming.

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