GTA 5 Online Casino DLC Interior Gameplay And Jet Player Glitch

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GTA 5 Online  casino dlc

Rockstar is yet to officially announce the release date for Casino and Heist DLCs for GTA Online, while discerning GTA 5 gamers and tipsters are busy unearthing new gameplay glitches pertaining to upcoming DLC content and its gameplay elements.

One such discerning tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has revealed an ingenious glitch to enter the highly desirable Casino building in GTA Online and get a glimpse of its interior design.

The glitch allows any GTA Online player to enter the building and enjoy free roaming access without any restrictions.

Casino building in GTA 5 sign still reads: “Opening Soon” and the building itself seems unfinished except for three sets of couches laying on each side of the entrance, as depicted by Dom in his latest YouTube video.

The interiors of the building seem to be blanked out (visibility blocked) from the outside as the windows are tinted in green.

The Casino DLC has for long been rumoured to be part of the Heist DLC, which is now being delayed indefinitely by Rockstar owing to some unknown technical issues.

Earlier, a few DLC leakers revealed information pertaining to Casino DLC gameplay elements from the game source code in GTA Online. The leaked source code suggests that the game will be receiving casino mini games such as Poker, Black Jack and Roulette at some point of time in future.

The description in the source code points to both single-player and multiplayer versions of casino mini-games for Poker and Roulette, apart from the inclusion of beer and dealers to handle each of these games, as depicted in the screenshot

The same tipster has shown off the Jet Player launch glitch in another YouTube video. You will require a friend and a Jet plane to activate this glitch in GTA 5.

You will require a friend and a Jet plane to activate this glitch in GTA 5.

Here is how you do it:

  • Call up Merryweather and ask for a Helicopter Pickup. You will see the message: “A helicopter has been dispatched to your location”, on your screen.
  • Next you should head over to the military base to steal a Jet Plane.
  • Call up Lester and ask him to turn on Blind Eye to evade the attention of cops during this mission.
  • You can also use the perk to ‘Locate a Plane’ at the base by calling up Lester, if you can’t find one quickly enough.
  • Now take the stolen plane to the airport. Ask one of your friends to enter the cockpit and get ready to fly the plane.
  • Meanwhile, you stand at the side of the jet (as shown in the video). Then hit the Y button on Xbox 360 or the Triangle button on PS3 as the plane starts moving.
  • At this moment, you will see an animation that will make you pull your friend out of the jet.
  • Ask your friend to hit the accelerate button, but ensure the plane does not take off.

Tip #1:The faster the jet is travelling, the chances of you flying back increases, and the slower it moves you will more likely fly upwards, when the glitch is triggered.

Tip #2: When the glitch is in action, your friend will not see you flying in the air on his screen. But, you can see yourself flying off the plane on your end of the screen.


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