GTA 5 Online Heist Locations and DLC Info Leaked

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GTA 5 Online Heists

Fresh details of Heist DLC and leaked Heist locations have surfaced online via nillxforums, with due credit to discerning GTA 5 tipster, NillxModz.

As renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) notes in his latest video, the new information pertaining to Heist DLC locations has been sourced through leaked game files for GTA Online.

Here are the excerpts of the leaked Heist DLC information as mentioned in the leaked game code for GTA 5 Online:

IS_HEIST_BANK_RENDERED – This native or piece of source code calls for the game to render the interior/files required for a Heist mission in the bank located near Rockford Hills.

IS_CLIENT_SIDED_CONTEXT – This native checks that the client either has synchronised the game with others [for example if a car is destroyed] or if the action is for the client to see only and others are blind to the situation, this could be for a function known as Blind Eye.

LOCATE_NEAREST_REDNER_POINT – This native calls for the nearest ‘Render Point’ which is used for AI spawning etc during a Heist mission.

IS_JEFF_CONTACT_ENABLED – The contact we leaked before called ‘JEFF’ who will offer special abilities during Heist missions will be enabled on your phone contact list when this native is called.

IS_NIGHTVISION_ENABLED – This native calls for the Night Vision mode to activate, this means it will be used during certain parts of Heist missions.

IS_APARTMENT_HEIST_ACTIVE – This native activates the Heist-planning board depending on the progress of the Heist you had planned.

As the tipster notes in his recent post on nillxforums, the freshly leaked Heist DLC information hints at a host of new room interiors, clothing, weapons, vehicles and the biggest DLC to be released till date.

It has been ascertained that Rockstar Games has further pushed back the release of Heist DLC to 2015, following a spate of leaks pertaining to Heist Update via YouTube in the last couple of weeks leading to Christmas Day.

Apart from the leaked natives, the following game code pertaining to Heist Planning Room for GTA Online Apartment and other features have been revealed:

.rdata:401928AA 0000004 HST BOARD_HEIST_PLANNING – This is the function to use the planning board to start planning a Crew Heist mission.

.rdata:794837R4 00000002 HST TURN_PRINTER_ON_OFF – This is the function to use the printer to print a planning sheet which is stored in your file cabinet.

.rdata:102947C4 0000001 HST PRINTER_HEIST_PLAN_SC_CREW- This is the function to send the planning sheet via email on your phone to the rest of your selected Social Club Crew.

.rdata:284756DX 0000002 HST SHOW_BOARD_OUTLINE – Some rendering functions to render the sketch outline of the board textures.

.rdata:193846F4 00000007 HST HIDE_BOARD_TEXTURE – This is the function to hide the planning board during currently unknown situations, most likely to be set via variables in Tunables.

.rdata:685747X4 0000008 HST ALLOW_EMAIL_IFRUIT_APP – This is the function of a new feature coming to the iFruit app on smartphones etc.You can send Heist-related emails virtually through the app.

.rdata:395829W4 0000003 HST SET_FLOOR_RUMBLE_SMASH_FX – This is the function of a new feature to feel the floor rumble as something in a Heist mission explodes, also to see a smash hole in the ground.

.rdata:684928S4 0000003 HST SET_WATER_FLOOD_BUILDING – This is the function of a new feature to see water of some sort to pour from a building after bursting a water central pipe or something similar. This also means a building to flood with water.

It appears that Rockstar developers are currently busy testing these natives with Heist DLC source code on their Beta server, Telemetry-494398, and hence it is almost certain that Heists could debut with the release of GTA 5 for PC on 27 January, 2015.

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