GTA 5 Online Will Soon Get The Diamond Casino Heist

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Diamond Casino Heist

A new super fun casino heist is coming to Grand Theft Auto Online in GTA 5 as early as next week. The Diamond Casino Heist will be available on December 12, and Rockstar ensures it’s the most significant and most difficult crime to hit the game yet, featuring some variations compared to how past GTA Online heists have served the gamers.

The announcement features a large operation. You’ll be working with the Cheng family to infiltrate the casino. Like any good heist, you’ll have to plan your entry point from multiple options, security devices will change unpredictably, and once inside circumstances will need quick thinking and responses mid-mission. Unlike other heists, getting failed isn’t necessarily an end-state; if a piece of the plan goes wrong, you may have to invent new ways to find another way on the fly. But if completely everything goes sideways you can always shoot your way out. The pack of choices ensures high replay value for the heist, with scenarios releasing wildly different from one another.


To set the stage for your bold heist, you’ll need to set up a retro arcade business property as a front operation. On the floor below the arcade, you can practice all the skills a heist needs like hacking keypads and breaking vault doors. You can also save your equipment and getaway vehicles there, and if you’re already a business owner, you can add a Master Control Terminal to the staging area. You’ll need to own a Penthouse to start the mission, as well.

The Diamond Casino & Resort website, for now, features an Easter egg taunting the upcoming event, so you may be able to gather clues from it. Or you can use the time before the big event rewatching Ocean’s 11 and finding the best jazz soundtracks to play while you pull off your bold and brave stunt.


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