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Grand Theft Auto 5 is pretty much the most hyped game of the year. People started buying the game long before they even knew when it was going to be released and it didn’t take long for the pre-orders to break the million mark.

There are a million-and-one things to do in the game and one of the toughest involves collecting parts for a spaceship. Those of you who know what I’m talking about are nodding their heads sagely and those who don’t are going, “Wtf! You can build a SPACESHIP in GTA?”

As a result of this level of difficulty, we’ve decided to compile this guide to assist you blessed souls out there who tend to get aneurisms if they don’t get the 100% completion rating at the end.

You can begin the hunt after the completion of the ‘Far Out’ mission in Franklin’s ‘Strangers and Freaks’ line of missions. I won’t go into the specifics of the mission itself since I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but you need to complete this first.

GTA 5 Spaceship Parts

GTA 5 Spaceship Parts Locations

Spaceship Part #1
Location. This Part can be located in the town of Grapeseed to the north. It located on a farm here but to find it you need to go to the map.

There is a T-Shirt shop and a Property icon in this town, if you make a line from the shop to the property and extend it, it will pass through this farm. You’ll find it on the ground out in the open.

Spaceship Part #2
Location. There is a small road that leaves the town of Grapeseed and runs north along the main road. You’ll know which one because it makes a sharp u-turn and ends in a dead-end. Go along it, and just after the bend there will be a shed to the right with this part inside.

Spaceship Part #3
Location. Now you need to head to the tippy-top section of the map. Go where the main road is at its northern-most point (near the Pay ‘n’ Spray and T-Shirt shop) Just south of the main road here is a large farm. Inside the barn you can find the part.

Spaceship Part #4
Location. Head to Paleto Bay, which is a town to the north-west, right on the coast (the same town near the last part). There is a gunshop in this town and right behind it is a Fire Department Training Facility. Enter the compound and head up to the second floor of the grey cement building in the back.

Spaceship Part #5
Location. This one is also very close to the town above. Head out of the town on the main road south while keeping an eye on the countryside to the left. About half a mile down from the gunshop you should find a weird cemented tunnel (probably a drainage thing). Inside this is the part.

Spaceship Part #6
Location. This is found on a rock outcropping on Paleto Cove. Head south alongside the beach from Paleto Bay and before too long you’ll find a piece of land jutting out into the water like a little hill. You’ll find the part on this.

Spaceship Part #7
Location. Once again, head south along the main road from Paleto Bay and you’ll come a across a large bridge. The part is actually lying on one of the arches underneath the bridge and is pretty hard to get to. One thing to note is that the span of the arch is just wide enough for a helicopter to land on, so you might want to consider snatching up one of those choppers at the hospital with Trevor and showing off your flight skills.

Spaceship Part #8
Location. From the last part, head alongside the river that the bridge crosses over to the east. You should eventually come a similarly sized bridge. Underneath this bridge is a waterfall and a rocky outcropping in the middle of the river. The part is on this rock.

Spaceship Part #9
Location. This part is found near the top of Mount Josiah, on a series of rock ledges. Try heading directly up the slope from the train tracks to the east.

Spaceship Part #10
Location. Just before the river ends, there’s another bridge, and just before that you can find this part on some rocks in a dip on the riverbank.

Spaceship Part #11
Location. Along the river there is a covered, wooden bridge as well (that means there’s a roof and everything) You’ll find the part under it.

Spaceship Part #12
Location. Near the southern edge of the Grand Senora Desert is a cluster of shops consisting of a Pay ‘n’ Spray, a Clothing store and a property. Take the road heading north from here, and go left when there’s a fork. Head along this road until you find a trailer park on the right with a large boat. You’ll find the part right behind it.

Spaceship Part #13
Location. Take the road that exits the Senora Desert from the south (west of the clothing store). As you go along there will be a bend in the road and you should see a dilapidated old house. You can find the part on the back porch.

Spaceship Part #14
Location. For this part you need to find a winding road that is about 3000 feet south and a little west of the cluster of shops I mentioned in part #12. Use the range indicator on the map to measure the distance. There is a largeish drop off the side of the road and you’ll find the part here.

Spaceship Part #15
Location. A little north and east of the last part is another winding road where you can find a house belonging to an alien enthusiast. It’s got a sign out back that says ‘Welcome’. You can find the part under the sign. There’s also an American flag out front.

Spaceship Part #16
Location. This one is in a half-submerged cave in the cliffs on the east coast. Head south along the coast from the desert and you should come to an inlet where the cave is. You’ll have to go swimming here as the part is underwater inside the cave.

Spaceship Part #17
Location. Just south of the desert are some huge satellite dishes that you can find. Climb the one on the far right (west) to find this part.

Spaceship Part #18
Location. Head East from the airstrip in the center of the Grand Senora Desert to find a kind of park trail area. There is a large white rock formation in the middle of these and you can find the part here.

Spaceship Part #19
Location. Keep on heading east and a little north from the park trail in the previous part to find a kind of ‘Alien Park’ where people have drawn some graffiti saying things like ‘Beam Me Up’. You can find the part at the highest point of this park.

Spaceship Part #20
Location. Head out into the water of the lake to the north of the Grand Senora Desert. You’ll find this on the lakebed north of the town. To narrow it down look for a bay.

Spaceship Part #21
Location. Take the road that heads out of Grapeseed towards the coast to the east and curves south. When it ends, check inside the building next to the large red boat to find it.

Spaceship Part #22
Location. In the Tongva Valley there is a main road that goes over a small river as well as a waterfall. Head under the bridge here and you’ll find the part underwater near the base of the waterfall.

Spaceship Part #23
Location. There is a farm in the Tongva Hills with a large grape field, southwest of the last part. Explore the areas between the rows of grape vines and you should find the part.

Spaceship Part #24
Location. Keep on going down the road from the last part south and west and you’ll get to Banham Canyon. Continue long the road and you get to a large and fancy house where you can find a part in the back next to the telescope.

Spaceship Part #25
Location. Directly east from the fancy house in the last part a couple of miles away is another large main road. Next to it is a little creek that forks off into the Tongva Hills. As you follow the creek uphill you should keep an eye on the hills in front of you. One of them will have a cave that houses this part.

Spaceship Part #26
Location. There is a smaller road leading off from the large main road mentioned in the last part (head south along the highway after grabbing the last part) get onto this smaller road to find a private rehab facility. Enter, and look for the large tree next to the pond near the front door. You’ll find the part at the base of the tree.

Spaceship Part #27
Location. For this part you need to head to the Vinewood Observatory. Head up to the roof and you’ll find it on the right.

Spaceship Part #28
Location. Head to the water reservoir near the dam in Vinewood Hills. There’s a little Jetty-like thing with a tower at the end here on the southeastern side of the lake. The part is on top of the tower, and you may need to use a helicopter to reach it.

Spaceship Part #29
Location. Dive into the water at the south-most end of the water reservoir mentioned above and you’ll find this part on the lakebed For a dive that takes you closer to it jump off from next to the support column with the metal scaffolding.

Spaceship Part #30
Location. Leave Los Santos by taking the eastern highway which travels along the coast. Along the way you will find a town with a gun store. Take to the beach here and keep going north. Soon you’ll come to a rock formation on the cliff resembling an arch or a bridge. Head down and search around the arch to find the part.

Spaceship Part #31
Location. Head west towards the Tatvium Mountains from the gun store in the previous part to come across a body of water and some drainage pipes that dump waste into the lake.
You’ll find the part at the mouth of the pipe.

Spaceship Part #32
Location. Very close to the last part, head south to the dam where there is a small wooden dock. You’ll find the part underneath the dock, in the water.

Spaceship Part #33
Location. Just as the Eastern highway leaves Los Santos look to your left to see a building that looks like it probably has something to do with drainage. There will be some metal walkways and some ladders you can climb down. You’ll find the part here. This is in the Murrieta Heights.

Spaceship Part #34
Location. Head to El Burro Heights just south of the Eastern Exit out of Los Santos and go to the main office area of the oil company stationed here. Look for a dark green open container here and you’ll find the part inside.

Spaceship part #35
Location. Head south from the last part, right to the southern shore. There will be a little rocky island just off the coast and the part will be there.

Spaceship Part #36
Location. Also in El Burro Heights, Go west from the last collectible until you reach a highway as its going west. Just south of the highway in another drainage are you can find this just outside the mouth of a pipe (this is still a ways from the city).

Spaceship Part #37
Location. In the Elysian Islands region at the south east portion of the city are a couple of docks stretching out into the water. Jump off the left side of the dock and you’ll find the part in some metal wreckage on the sea floor.

Spaceship Part #38
Location. Now head onto the pier that’s west of the docks in the last part to find a bunch of large dome shaped structures that house oil. Head in between these to find some stairs that will take you to the top of one of them. Now you need to get onto the pipe connecting the two of them and travel along it. Youu should find the part halfway across.

Spaceship part #39
Location. There is a pretty huge modern art exhibition are in the Rancho/Dutch London Street area. You’ll recognize it through the tall metal tower-like structures that can be seen from outside the park. The part is found close to the entrance inside.

Spaceship Part #40
Location. Head to the southernmost point of the city, which is the bottom corner of the Los Santos International Airport. You’ll find the part behind the hangar, on the ground next to a dumpster. Keep in mind this is an instant 3-star rating if you haven’t purchased the airport.

Spaceship Port #41
Location. In the Strawberry/Olympic Fwy area underneath the freeway is an area populated by homeless people. There are a number of white stairways that go down to nowhere in this this area and at the top of one of them you can find this part.

Spaceship Port #42
Location. Go to the hospital in the Strawberry/Capital Blvd area. Head up to the roof to the helipad and you’ll find this part no problem.

Spaceship Part #43
Location. This one is found in the Textile City/Integrity Way area. For reference’s sake look for a Car Impound lot on the map and head north. There is an alley that goes in between two buildings filled with many vendors here as well as a coffee shop. It’s a sub-alley here.

Spaceship Part #44
Location. This one you can find on top of the Penris building Downtown. You’ll need a helicopter.

Spaceship Part #45
Location. Look for a Ponsonby’s clothing store downtown north of the freeway. Just southeast of this, inside one of the freeway underpasses is a tunnel entrance. Grab a bike and travel into the bowels of the earth to find some tunnels where construction workers are found.

Keep going straight until you come to the main train depot where there are some train tracks and some stairs. Head over the concrete barriers where the blueprints are and you’ll find the part.

Spaceship Part #46
Location. In the Alta area, find Rockford plaza. Drive up into it on the curving road (where there is also a stunt jump) and you’ll find the part amongst the vegetation.

Spaceship Part #47
Location. You’ll find this on the roof of a hotel in the Burton area. There is also a Los Santos Customs shop here and you’ll recognize the hotel as it has an empty swimming pool on the roof. You’ll need a helicopter.

Spaceship Part #48
Location. Head to the golf course. Now get on the course and look for a little island in the water hazards for this part. Be quick about it since you get a 2-star wanted level if you’re not a member.

Spaceship Part #49
Location. Go to the Richard Majestic, where a movie is being shot. This is another restricted area so you will be wanted as soon as you step in. Head to the main center area, where there is a lot of movie equipment, and head up the stairs on the west side. Hop a wall and you’ll find the part.

Spaceship Part #50
Location. For this one you need to head on over to Vespucci Canals/Palomino Ave and look for a building called the Liquor Hole. There is a large sign here the you need to climb so head to the back of the store and climb the stairs and ladders to find this part.

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