GTA 5 Story DLC Unlikely To Come

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Grand Theft Auto V

The recent announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 coming in the fall of 2017 has pretty much confirmed that GTA 5 won’t be seeing any further single player content.

While we’re almost sure that a singleplayer DLC for the massively popular game was in fact once genuinely planned, and it probably even got fairly far in development, the sudden and unprecedented success of GTA Online made it seem like a poor business decision, and the project was axed.

There’s a lot going for GTA 5’s story, and there’s no doubt many fans of the series, or even just this one entry, would have gladly paid $10-$15 for an expansion along the lines of The Ballad of Gay Tony or The Lost and Damned. Thing is, sales data shows those two DLCs sold horribly. Rockstar may have taken another swing at singleplayer DLC in the case of 5 due to the game’s overwhelming success.


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