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Unofficial GTA 5 world map revealed

On June 2, the unofficial complete world map of “GTA V’s” city of Los Santos was revealed via Stickskills Note: the map was pieced together by the snippets Rockstar has been releasing.

The official map may differ slightly.

Rockstar Games plans to reveal new information concerning “Grand Theft Auto 5” periodically over the course of the summer months leading up to the title’s Sept. release.

As you can tell, the map is very large and the amount of land you will be able to traverse is massive.

Earlier in the year Rockstar revealed that the world of “Grand Theft Auto V” is 5-times the size of “Red Dead Redemption,” which was quite substantial in its own right. Thanks to the increased size of “GTA V’s” world, Rockstar is better able to deliver a lot of different and more developed locations.

“Grand Theft Auto V” will take players to the busy streets of the city, to the tranquility of the wilderness, and to the deep depths of ocean.

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