‘GTA 5’ Xbox 360 Screen Quality and Frame Rate

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‘GTA 5’ Xbox 360 frame rate, pop-up and anti-aliasing discussed (Rockstar Games)

The first hands-on details have been revealed for the Xbox 360 version of the upcoming multiplatform video game, “GTA 5.” According to a preview article by the German website PC Games on Sept. 3, the latest “Grand Theft Auto” title seems to be running very well on Microsoft’s current-generation console with a very minor issue.

PC Games mentioned that “GTA 5” is a huge jump from the last mainline release of the series, “GTA 4,” which came out for the same system in 2008. Despite the increased details, the publication did not notice any frame rate and texture pop-up issues. Another major positive for the RAGE engine, which was used to build the video game, is the lightning. The sun in the game takes advantage of the new lighting technology to give the same area a different look during various times of the day.

The biggest issue for “GTA 5” on the Xbox 360 is the anti-aliasing. PC Games noticed that the edges in the open-world action-adventure video game are not very smooth. The publication blamed the 8-year-old current-generation system for the lack of anti-aliasing.

Rockstar Games previously only showed off the PS3 version of “GTA 5.” The company assured fans that the two iterations will look very similar. You can check out a few screenshots of the video game, which is coming out on Sept. 17, in the slideshow near the top of this article. You can pre-order the product from Amazon in the following link: “GTA 5”


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