GTA 6 Is Trending And We Don’t Know Why!

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Grand Theft Auto 6

A new Grand Theft Auto 6 rumor is here with this new day. Sometimes they’re cribbed from 4chan. Sometimes they’re a couple of random tweets from some figures aggregated on websites with names so difficult you’re sure they must are bots.

If you logged onto Twitter yesterday you would have thought the big one had just released. GTA 6 was trending with tens of thousands of people tweeting about it. Did it get a trailer? or a release date? A mention from Rockstar that even working on it?

No, nothing like that GTA 6 was trending because the rumor mill had once again started into overdrive. The new no-news story came yesterday from Gamespot which reported on a video by a leaker named Tom Henderson who insisted that GTA 6 would be set in a modern-day Vice City, have a map that grows over time, and come out in 2025.

Whether any of this ends up being true or not is beside the point. There is a complete cottage industry now around cataloging rumors specifically about GTA 6. Like published landing pages for reviews of big games, the first page of Google results for Rockstar’s still-unannounced game is mostly taken up with explainers for all the stuff we still don’t know about it.

While some of the front page posts are news stories, others have been sitting there for years, getting updates every so often to keep them fresh or as new non-news happens. The last time GTA 6 trended on Twitter was back in May after Rockstar parent company Take-Two’s earnings call. Nothing was said about GTA 6 during the call, which led to news posts about the lack of GTA 6 news to once again climb to the top of the search results.

But it’s also apparently one of the simplest measurements for the Average Gamer. They’re the random person who hardly ever plays games and definitely never reads about them, but did have a lot of fun playing GTA Online that one time and is very curious when the “new one” is coming out.

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