GTA Online $500,000 Stimulus Package Starts Rolling Out

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Following on from yesterday’s news that Rockstar has finally rolled out the highly anticipated 1.05 patch to their Grand Theft Auto Online game. Rockstar has today confirmed that they have now started rolling out the new GTA Online $500,000 Stimulus Package at long last.


So if you have been patiently waiting to get your hands and blow a little of the GTA Online $500,000 Stimulus Package keep clam as the roll out is going to take up to 2 days to fully complete across the full player base of GTA Online.

All deposits however will be in place by the end of play on Friday and Rockstar says that they will publish notification once the cash has been deposited in all eligible accounts. Rockstar explains :

We expect that it will take up to 2 full days for the Stimulus Package to be fully delivered to the entire player base from October 2013, so please be patient if you do not see it appearing in your in-game bank account just yet. We will update this post on Friday when we expect all the GTA$ Stimulus Package deposits to have been completed.

To be eligible to get your hands on the awesome GTA Online $500,000 Stimulus Package you will have needed to have played during October 2013 and applies to all GTA Online players who logged in during the month of October 2013.

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