GTA Online Casino Might Come on June 10th

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GTA Online Casino

Rockstar never announced a release date of the Grand Theft Auto Online casino but it might happen on Wednesday, June 10th. This is not official from Rockstar, so cross your fingers but it may happen, and here is why.

Naturally, these announcements have the GTA community wondering because DLCs for GTA Online are usually released by Rockstar on Tuesday. So they did some research. It concerns the Vinewood Racetrack in GTA Online, which includes a casino. It was modeled after the real Hollywood Park Racetrack in California. It turns out that the Hollywood Park Racetrack was opened on June 10, 1938, and some believe that’s why the Casino will be opened in GTA Online on this date.

Last week Rockstar announced that the first major content update for Grand Theft Auto Online will be released this Wednesday, and yesterday it confirmed the release date for the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, which is June 10. Ill-Gotten Gains brings new cars, vehicles, accessories and more for GTA online.



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