GTA Online Deadline Mode And Fastest Shotaro Bike Now Available To Play

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gta online Shotaro bike

New Adversary mode for GTA Online, as well as the Nagasaki Shotaro which is the fastest bike in the game, is now available to play.

The Shotaro looks like Tron’s light cycles. It’s unlocked for purchase by playing Deadline for the first time. For a limited time, buying the Shotaro will also net you an in-game Nagasaki logo T-shirt, too.

Deadline is a 4-player arena deathmatch, featuring each participant on a different colored Shotaro, each attempting to lure the rest into their light trail for an instant kill, with three power-ups helping and/or hindering you as you go about your cyberspace-y business. Until November 21, the Deadline players will receive double the money and RP for taking part.

Premium Race, Over the Bridge, is a bikes-only affair across the freeways and docks of Los Santos, with triple RP for all participants, and big money prizes for the top three finishers.


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