GTA Online Got Its Most Useful Update In Years

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GTA Online

GTA Online‘s menus have undergone some significant improvements, making them slightly less frustrating than before. It’s definitely something to celebrate! The recent 1.67 update, which arrived last month, introduced a much-needed enhancement that greatly simplifies the process of joining missions. The addition of the ‘Career Progress’ hub in GTA 5’s highly successful online spin-off has finally made it easier for me to focus on the content that truly captures my interest.

The recent tweaks to the Career Progress menu have made it much simpler to initiate one of GTA Online’s thrilling heists. The single-player heists in GTA 5 are absolute masterpieces; personally, I believe the ‘Jewel Store Job’ is one of the best missions in the entire GTA series. Well, to be fair, I have to mention GTA 4’s ‘Three Leaf Clover,’ a brilliant homage to the movie Heat, which remains my all-time favorite. Nonetheless, Michael’s clever caper comes in a close second.

Unfortunately, I never had the chance to experience the heists in GTA Online for two main reasons: firstly, I wasn’t keen on playing with random players, and secondly, Rockstar didn’t do a great job explaining how to actually initiate a heist.


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Thankfully, with the introduction of the Career Progress update, the requirements are now much clearer. The game explicitly states that players need to reach at least rank 12 before undertaking low-level heists such as the Fleeca Job. Additionally, it advises players to purchase a high-end apartment featuring a planning room. Finally, the crucial information is easily accessible thanks to GTA Online’s new hub, which demystifies a problem that previously required a quick Google search to solve.

By providing clear objectives that players must meet in order to qualify for heist gameplay, Rockstar has significantly reduced the daunting nature of accessing GTA Online’s best content. Since its implementation, our four-player posse has already conquered The Human Labs Raid.

Yes, I’m aware that this mission has been available for years. Nevertheless, it feels like a major accomplishment to have completed one of the first heists ever alongside my real-life friends. The Career Progress hub makes it effortless to track our progress while engaging in heists and contract missions, and it even rewards us with new clothing options and car liveries for completing specific tasks.

Without this clever menu update, my friends and I would still be obsessed with GTA Online’s surprisingly enjoyable golf mini-game, never venturing into the thrilling realm of complex bank jobs.

At the very least, the Career Progress update has finally provided us with a reason to tear ourselves away from the addicting Los Santos golf courses and delve into more exhilarating adventures.

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