GTA Online Nightclub Expansion Revealed Coming Out Next Month

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 Los Santos Nightclubs

Rockstar Games announced a new DLC which will be coming out next month for the Grand Theft Auto Online, It is called Los Santos Nightclubs. Check out the trailer below to learn more about the new upcoming DLC. It will be out in July 2018.

The expansion allows players to manage their own nightclub, customize its setup, hire staff and even carry out promotions to bring in the punters and fill the timetable with real live music acts such as Solomun, Tale Of Us, Dixon, and The Black Madonna. The nightclubs can then give another source of extra income for GTA Online players but also provide an attractive way to clean their dirty money received from missions.

 Los Santos Nightclubs

“The nightlife scene in Los Santos is getting a major upgrade. Thanks to the efforts of one well-known, well-connected and somewhat financially sound impresario the underground dance club scene are about to blow open in July. World class talent has announced their upcoming residencies in Los Santos and fans will soon be packing out clubs and warehouses across town to lose themselves in sweaty, ecstatic bliss to hear new sets from Solomun, Tale Of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna while dancing through the night and into the morning.”

“Nightclubs are the perfect cover for any other operation you might have going, so get in on the ground level as a business partner to open up a brand new establishment, and help the DJ’s make their shows the best ever. Run your nightclub business from setup, design, staffing and promotion; the more popular the club, the faster your secure wall safe will fill up. Management is honest work, a tidy way to keep income from your more seedy ventures with Disruption Logistics, The Open Road, SecuroServ and Free Trade Shipping Co. looking clean as fresh laundry.”


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