GTA San Andreas Map In GTA 5

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GTA San Andreas Map In GTA 5

Get ready for a serious nostalgia bomb with this one. GTA: San Andreas is considered by many to be the best installment in the series even today, due to the relatable story and iconic map encompassing several cities instead of the standard one city setting. San Andreas included three main cities, including Los Santos, Las Venturas, and San Fierro, each on their own islands, with a fourth, more rural island also present.

Though the 12-year-old game has been re-released on mobile platforms and both generations of new consoles since its initial release, it never really got a proper remaster, even though giving old classics a graphical re-touch is a pretty common practice these days. I’m sure a “GTA San Andreas HD Edition” would make insane amounts of cash, though it would require quite a bit of effort on Rockstar’s part since chances are they no longer have the original assets.

GTA San Andreas Map In GTA 5

Modder ArthurLopes has jumped into a massive project wherein he is trying to convert the full GTA San Andreas map to the engine of V with perfect authenticity.

The mod is a work in progress, with both San Fierro and Los Santos already fully converted, though a few bugs have caused some buildings in the latter to be invisible. Las Venturas and the Countryside are still being worked on, though their islands are already accessible, just bare.

It would be a massive undertaking for just one guy or even a small team of modders to update everything in the game. However, it would be absolutely viable for a full team of experienced game developers.

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