GTA is Training Self-Driving Cars How to Navigate Better On Roads

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GTA is Training Self-Driving Cars

Scientists from Darmstadt University in Germany and Intel Labs have developed a new clever method to source visual data from Grand Theft Auto that could then be fed to computers to teach vehicles how to drive autonomously.

Although machine learning is enabling computers to quickly pick up new skills, the approach requires large quantities of information to work effectively –  and data could be hard to find sometimes.

It takes thousands of hours of real-world visual data in various scenarios to teach cars how to navigate on their own, but the researchers say information from games is easy to collect and can be “almost as good, or sometimes even better” than real data.

This is where Grand Theft Auto’s incredibly realistic environment comes in play.

The scientists created a software that is capable of classifying different objects on roads within the game. The data generated can then be used to teach self-driving cars the difference between pedestrians and other objects when navigating through the real world.


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