GTA V: 5 Ways To Have Fun

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Grand Theft Auto is virtually synonymous with police chases, deadly shootouts and trying to evade arrest as the law enforcement try desperately to put to an end your crazed and totally unprovoked killing spree.

Throughout the sandbox title’s long and storied run, a “wanted level” system has been in force which brings varying levels of police attention raining down on your head the more felonious your behaviour becomes.

Get it up to one, and you’ll just have the local bobby on the beat trying to nick you with a pair of cuffs, get it up to six, and all hell breaks loose as military helicopters, tanks and marksmen try to take you down.

Screwing around with the police and seeing how long you can survive a 6-star wanted level is one of our favourite pastimes and can make for hours of fun, and we expect that to be no different when GTA V hits shelves later this month.

But considering how huge and expansive V is going to be, a game which gives us far more than guns, bombs and get-away vehicles, we thought there might be a few other ways to have fun.


1. Explore The Sprawling Terrain


With a game-world bigger than that of GTA San Andreas, IV and Red Dead Redemption combined, there is going to be plenty to see and do in GTA V.

Whether it’s jumping into the ocean waves and exploring the murky depths of the seabed or venturing into the wilderness to clamber up Mount Chilliad, you can hardly complain there’s nothing to do.

Exploration is going to be a focal point in a game this big, and you can take in your surroundings without having to blast people to death.

Bear Grylls manages to adventure the world without stabbing someone to death, and when was the last time you saw David Attenborough trekking through a forrest with a sawn-off shotgun?

There is so much beauty and splendour to behold in Grand Theft Auto 5 that one could quite easily whittle away the time of day without ratcheting up a huge wanted level.

2. Go Hunting


If you really must insist on pulling the trigger on something, you might as well make it a deer than a father of two with bills to pay and a family to support.

Los Santos is full of forestry and woodland for you to explore, teeming with animals such as deer, coyotes and cougars, all of which are fair game, if you’re that way inclined (and have a sniper rifle with a decent scope).

GTA V comes complete with a realistic and thriving ecosystem with sharks patrolling the ocean and deer grazing docilely in the grass, and there could come a time where it is kill or be killed as the hunter becomes the hunted.

So put on your deerstalker, your best pair of boots and a nice and cosy fleece and find yourself some place to sit as you wait for something to stagger into your cross-heirs.

3. Explore The Ocean


Got a few hours to spare? Why not find a speedboat, hop inside and take it out for a spin, before changing into a pair of flippers, snorkels and wetsuit and bundling overboard.

After crashing through the ocean waves, you will be greeted with pure serenity, as an undisturbed underwater world awaits exploration.

From shipwrecks to fellow divers, there is plenty to see and discover beneath Los Santos’s oceans and plenty of ways to traverse the dense expanse.

Why not jump into a submarine instead and explore in style (and safety)? After all, there are sharks out there, who aren’t as law-abiding as you are.

With a whole underwater world to explore, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get bored in GTA V.

4. Hit The Gym


Instead of pumping a granny full of shotgun pellets, how about pumping iron, instead?

Jump into a pair of shorts and drive (or jog, if you’re feeling extra healthy) on down to Vespucci Beach, where you will find San Andreas’s most popular outdoor gymnasium, Muscle Sands Gym.

Lift weights, hop on a treadmill, get on a cycle machine and flex those pecs in front of all the passers by, because there’s no point working out if you can’t be seen making the effort, right?

Muscle Sands Gym has seen a transformation in the last decade, since being formed as ‘Santa Maria Gym’ in the early 1990′s, but the premise is still the same – get as ripped as you possibly can.


5. A Game Of Tennis Or A Spot Of Golf


Instead of picking up your machine gun before leaving the house after breakfast, why not pick up a golf club instead, or a tennis racket, perhaps?

That’s right, put on the most colourful sweater in your wardrobe, slip into your khaki trousers and head on down to Los Santos Country Club, where you can enjoy eight holes of golf with some good friends.

Established in 1992, Los Santos Country Club has welcomed nearly all of San Andreas’s best loved psychopaths as they take swipes out of a ball rather than a corpse during their time off.

Alternatively, how about a game of tennis? Michael’s sprawling and luxurious home comes fitted with a tournament-sized court where you and your friends can exchange in a friendly rally.


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