GTA V on PS5: Key Upgrades to Expect in 2021

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PS5 is in the works and so is the next generation of GTA V. As Rockstar Games gears up to deliver a bigger and better experience, fans try to discover what new perks to expect. The studio states it will make the most of the latest gaming software and hardware but, for now, we have a mixture of definite and likely changes ahead. Here is a rundown on enhancements to four key areas.

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Gripping Visuals

The general impression is that graphics and performance are getting the biggest upgrade. Resolution should be of a similar caliber as Red Dead Redemption 2, ideally aiming for 60fps on the console. You will also find improvements in rendering distances, facial features, environment quality, and more.

At the very least, you can look forward to sharper visuals, which are more detailed and responsive. If all goes well with the console’s and studio’s plans, the immersion of GTA V on PS5 could even rival that of the PC version.

Expanded and Engaging World

To begin with, the map will be bigger, allowing more exploration and missions. Apart from side quests, it is not impossible that the main storyline will get its own expansions. To make things even more exciting, enhanced graphics, mechanics, and, probably, AI technology could lead to a few dreams coming true too: interactive buildings, realistic action, and more complex NPCs.

Above all, fans hope that Rockstar Games will be fixing as many flaws and bugs as possible. For example, optimizing the UI, loading times, and annoying features like phone calls and AI traffic should be at the top of their priorities.


New and Better Activities

As already mentioned, you should come across quests you have never done before, as well as familiar but fully revamped missions. Additionally, if the new GTA V does grant access to buildings, you can be sure that pre-existing locations will be a lot more engaging too. Characters, environments, and activities are bound to grab your attention better than ever.

Take GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort, for example. While already delivering the realistic atmosphere of roulette and blackjack, it’s possible that they could expand this further. You only have to look at the example of online casinos like to see that there is a number of variations of these games that are open to being used. There’s American roulette, European roulette, and even a Japanese variant. It could be that Rockstar Games expand the selection of games with this entry.

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New Vehicles and Weapons

A next-gen video game like GTA V would not be complete without the extra content. If the Pegassi Tezeract or Rhino tank is your favorite vehicle, they will both still be there but with improved options. But, with additional cars to choose from, too, do not be surprised if you fall in love with the studio’s newest creations instead.

The same goes for weapons in the game. Their range and firepower are sure to get a boost, not to mention their impact on your richer environment. GTA Online, especially, is due to some exclusive content, but the fate of single-player capabilities is still uncertain.

The release date for GTA V’s new form is loosely set for 2021 and we have enough clues to feel confident in its future on the console. As if the title needed any more recognition, the PS5 experience’s enhanced performance and content should remind the world why it deserves it.


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