GTA V Things You Should Most Excited About

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Side Missions: Gang Wars

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Like its predecessor GTA San Andreas and GTA IV, GTA V is going to have incredible side missions. The addition of advanced gang warfare is going to add an extra element of excitement. What does it mean? Basically it means that you can go in different parts of the city and either join or destroy a gang, thus enhancing your ongoing lifestyle of awesomeness.

I can only speculate how in depth it’s really going to be but Rockstar has assured us that we won’t be disappointed. The gang warfare option isn’t going to be just for single player story mode, they’re flushing it out to multi players as well. Adding a new element to your online experience. Let your imagination run wild with the thought of that and all the possibilities.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

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Driving cars, boats and helicopters was always incredibly fun in GTA IV, especially once you replayed it with the cheats and cruised through the streets destroying lives while rocking out in a tank.

GTA V however has promised us not only greater attention to detail when driving cars but they’ve also added the addition of driving new and exciting vehicles. The amount of vehicles available seems to be growing by the minute, but so far the addition of driving planes, and submarines seem to have hit a nerve with fanboys such as myself.

There’s no doubt we’ll ALL spend countless hours driving around ridiculous vehicles and crashing planes into whatever we see fit. Another one of the fun perks of the GTA series. My only hope is they don’t change the mechanics of driving from previous games too much because we all know how fun it was the last time around.

A Giant Sandbox

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A fan favorite in most open world games is curiosity. Just how big is it? How much can you possibly do? Well rest assure that GTA V is going to give us the option to travel to plenty of places we’ve never been before.

The giant open world of GTA V is the biggest one in it’s franchises history. What does that mean? It means more hours of fun for us! It means more time neglecting our obligations as an adult and losing ourselves into the GTA V life.

A bigger sandbox means more options, more to do and more to explore. We’ll all spend hours on end just trying to figure out where everything is BUT that’s part of the fun. That’s part of the allure of the game.

GTA V fans shouldn’t be disappointed by the lack of places they can go with the biggest sandbox in gaming history. The only question is, how long is going to take you to master the map? My guess is well over 10 hours. Don’t you just love that?

 Multiple Protagonist

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When it was first revealed that GTA V was going to have multiple protagonist, the gaming world went nuts. Everything thought the same thing, “How the hell is this going to work? Why are they ruining a good thing?!” I was one of those people! Man boy was I wrong.

The concept of multiple protagonist in a game is incredibly refreshing, original and exciting. Especially for a franchise that’s already had so much success. Now can I see Rockstar making Red Dead Redemption 2 with multiple protagonist? No, because it wouldn’t work. It’s going to work in GTA V and it’s going to work effortlessly.


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