GTFO New Update Brings New Stuff For New And Old Players

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The game is still in Steam Early Access since it first released in 2019 continues to be developed by their developers, 10 Chambers! The intense, coop multiplayer game GTFO has just introduced its latest update called “Rebirth.” This update brings a complete new Rundown for players to try and succeed.

10 Chambers updates their game with free updates that include a Rundown. The concept of these is to add new limited-time expeditions that completely displace the previous Rundown. This holds the content of the game fresh while they bring it closer to an official release date as a finished title.

Rebirth sets players farther down into The Complex into an area called Floodways. This new environment substitutes a dark and cold industrial aesthetic for one where nature has sought to reclaim the domain. Within the Floodways are clues as to why players are trapped in The Complex and imprisoned by The Warden.

An added new aspect is brought to the game is the Booster Implants, which give players additional incentive to re-enter The Complex. These can be earned by collecting artifacts and turning them into The Warden. If pleased, he will reward you with a Booster Implant. Players juiced up with a Booster Implant can enjoy a range of perks such as better weapon handling and faster terminal hacking.

Check the Steam page announcements for a complete detailed list then get back into the field!

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