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You’ve decided to get a VPN for enhanced privacy and security of your online activities but are not sure of what to look out for as you begin your search for the ideal VPN. Choosing a VPN involves critical thinking, consideration, and comparison of several features that make a great VPN.

There are certain general features that make a great VPN. Although your needs may be more specific, it is important to consider the general features and then the features more specific to your needs. It is also important to identify why you need a VPN and then create a scale of preference to make the best choice.

This article covers the general features that make a great VPN which you should consider before choosing your preferred VPN.



The speed of a VPN is a basic feature that determines its efficiency, and it is important to confirm that the speed of a VPN will meet one’s needs. The upload, download and ping times are the parameters that give an idea of the speed of the VPN.



The location of a VPN is a significant factor to consider while deciding on the best VPN services. The location of the nodes of a VPN influences its security as well as the privacy and speed. In terms of geo-blocking, the location of the servers of VPN determines the efficiency of the VPN. For example, if a person needs a VPN basically because they need to access resources in a specific country that has restricted access from their home country, their best bet is a VPN that has servers in the country they are looking to access.

It is also important to consider where the VPN provider is based because of the laws on internet freedom that vary across countries. Some countries such as Panama support total privacy on the Internet, and thus VPN providers based in such countries do not record the activity of users ensuring the highest level of privacy. Other countries are not so privacy friendly. Some countries even spy on their citizens.

If privacy is the main reason for considering getting a VPN, it is important to consider the laws of the home country of the VPN provider. Persons looking for VPN to avoid persecution by their home country should also ensure that their preferred VPN provider is not based in a country that is an ally of their home country.


Number of servers

This is a general feature that should influence the decision of anyone looking to get a VPN.

The more servers a VPN provider has, the more efficient it is likely to be. The most efficient VPNs have at least 500 servers across several locations. That way, users can enjoy a wider range of services, especially as related to geo-blocking.

Persons that need a VPN mainly for geoblocking should be interested in how many servers the VPN has in their country or countries of interest.


Number of simultaneous connections allows

This is another general feature in which persons searching for the most efficient VPN should confirm. The number of simultaneous connections a VPN provided allows determined the efficiency of the VPN especially if the VPN is going to be shared. The best VPNs available allow at least 3 simultaneous connections, and a lot more allow at least 2 simultaneous connections.


Supported protocols

The protocols supported by a VPN determine its speed and efficiency. There are different VPN protocols, and they include PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN. The PPTP protocol is the most outdated of the three options and should be avoided as much as possible. OpenVPN is the most efficient of the protocols but the L2TP/IPsec protocol is also efficient especially for mobile devices.



If privacy is the most important aspect of a VPN for you, you need to be sure of whether a VPN provided records its users’ activity, and if it does, what exactly it records. The location of a VPN provider influences its logging pattern also.

Because the logging pattern of a VPN can make a VPN not so private, it is important to choose a VPN that does not keep track of its users’ activity, more suitably one located in a country that completely supports internet privacy.


Payment method

VPNs encourage online privacy and the payment method offered by a VPN should be one that encourages the privacy theme. Bitcoin is currently the most private method for paying for a

VPN. Other methods include PayPal. It is important to confirm thus the payment method a VPN provider accepts before choosing it.



Just like with any other commodity, it is important to review the price of a VPN while considering it as an option. If you’re unsure about making long-term payments on a  VPN, you could use go with the money-back guarantee option.

Choosing a VPN is an important decision towards online privacy and security, and it is important to consider the features above properly before deciding on a VPN.

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