GUILD WARS 2: END OF DRAGONS Gets a Release Date and New Gameplay Trailer

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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is releasing its 3rd game expansion, End of Dragons, this month. It was just revealed that the expansion will go live on February 28, 2022. I am so excited about this new expansion. In the original Guild Wars, I loved the ideas in Cantha, but found some of the world design and story to be not as good as I hoped.

However, the new variant of Cantha looks simply incredible. It’s also great that we’re getting fishing, skiffs, and a coop combat mount in the siege turtle. I cannot wait for this expansion to come out. You can check out the new trailer below for End of Dragons below and learn more through the Livestream schedule for the month! It is coming out on February 28. Pre-orders are live on the official website.

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