GUILD WARS 2 Unveiled 3 New Elite Specs and DX11 Upgrade Details

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Guild Wars 2 is getting a lot of improvements which makes fans super excited, End of Dragons expansion is coming and it is packed with all sorts of goodness. In addition to bringing the continent of Cantha and 9 new elite specializations (one per class) into the game, the team is improving from using DirectX9 to DirectX11! Beginning September 21, fans will be able to log in and play in betas for three new elite specs and opt into beta test the new DX11 features. You can get to know more about the DX11 beta and upgrade in the official blog post while we talk about the three new elite specs below. The last three specs will be unveiled by October 26 when the third beta starts.

Let’s talk about Bladesworn which is for Warrior characters. This new elite spec uses the new Canthan weapon called a gunsaber! Exclusive to warriors, gunsabers use cartridges with magical amber from Echovald Forest to add energy to attacks. Bladesworn forego adrenaline in support of flow which raises over time in combat.

Now the Revenant’s new Vindicator which uses the greatsword to close gaps, hold ground, and wreak havoc. The Vindicator is created to face down many foes at once and unlocks the Luxon and Kurzick champions as a dual-natured Legendary Alliance. The Luxon Archemorus rewards selfish and aggressive play while the Kurzick Saint Viktor cares more about defensive and supporting behavior.

The Elementalist is now packing a big hammer as the Catalyst. Designed to inflict damage in rounds with some control aspects, the Catalyst also has special spheres to assist channel ancient magics. It seems brilliant.


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