GUILD WARS 2 Unveiled a Trailer for “Jormag Rising” Episode of THE ICEBROOD SAGA

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Guild Wars 2

We have the trailer finally for the next episode of Guild Wars 2’s The Icebrood Saga, “Jormag Rising.” I am so excited about this new episode! It’s growing the new Drizzlewood Coast map with a new epic meta event and a new dimension will be joined to “the area’s charr push-and-pull siege warfare mechanic.” It will come up with new upgrades to the United Legions Waystation mastery with new skills for the medi-zooka (“a support tool for your allies in the heat of battle”) as well as the capacity to shift intrigue for the charr battle that comes with a stealth action for mounts. Also, the Charged Stormcaller and Empowered Boneskinner weapon sets will get upgraded versions. Players will also get a newly updated shiver emote and a Frost Legion Infusion to help your character fit in with the Frost Legion.

As the titanic wall of ice in the north begins to melt, opening the way to Bangar Ruinbringer’s Dominion armies, the Frost Legion begin to march from the shadowy depths of Jormag’s domain, while the dragon itself stirs as it consumes the ancient magics of Tyria. In addition to this thrilling story chapter, Jormag Rising adds and expands upon the existing gameplay and rewards found in The Icebrood Saga.

“Jormag Rising” will release on July 28 for free to any players who own Path of Fire.


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