Guy Summon His Tesla With an Apple Watch

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Guy Summon His Tesla With an Apple Watch

Tesla’s Summon feature, which lets you call upon the car to unpark itself out of the garage and arrive at your doorstep, is cool enough by itself, but it’s infinitely more cooler when you do it from an Apple Watch. It is not officially supported by Tesla — normally, you activate Summon by pressing a button on your key fob or phone — it’s possible thanks to a third-party app called Remote S for Tesla.

App is created by iOS developer Allen Wong, lets you see some basic info about your Tesla car, including charging status, speed, position and temperature, and it also lets you perform some basic tasks, such as starting the car or unlocking it. With the latest version of the app, released Wednesday, you can also access Summon. Press hard on the map screen, tap the button, and your car will exit the garage and come to you.

According to Wong’s release notes, you can use Summon even if your key fob is not near your car (normally, there’s a 39-feet range limitation). According to 9to5Mac, this only works if you press the “Keyless Start” button before using Summon.


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