This Guy Tried To Use Windows 98 For Daily Tasks And This Is How It Turned Out 

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Windows 98

Windows 98, was a brilliant operating system and it was fairly stable too, comparatively what we have had before it from Microsoft. Obviously not comparable to Windows 10 but it was a massive improvement over its predecessor Windows 95.

If you agree that it was an excellent operating system, you would never dare use it now. But a brave adventurer gave this operating system a go for his daily tasks, and you will be amazed at its performance.

The Oldtech 81 decided to install the 20-year-old operating system in a Compaq Armada e500 laptop, which by today’s standard is more of a brick than a laptop. After making some efforts for the computer to boot up properly, he ran Windows 98, which worked fine.

The question is, could it perform the daily tasks without a hitch? You might not expect it to, but it did. The basic applications like Word and Excel worked alright. The tasks like listening to music and watching movies brought no complications either.

Web browsing in today’s world is much different from how it was done a couple of decades back. To expand the system’s compatibility, he installed KernelEx, and the old machine started running Opera 11 browser. It seems alright for some proper web browsing but does not satisfy for Gmail and YouTube to load properly. However, he easily downloaded videos from YouTube using websites like KeepVid to play locally on the system. Forums like Reddit were also as usable as of today.

Using Microsoft Word and the casual web browsing are not the only tasks that we complete daily, are they? So Oldtech81 brought back the PC games like Duke Nukem, Carmageddon, and GTA which also ran easily. Check out the video below.


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