Hackers Added Fighter Two-Headed Skeletons Into Red Dead Online

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Red Dead Online

It was first reported by VG24/7you can also find Red Dead Online players sharing storiesphotos, and videos of these sinister skeletons on RedditTwitter and Steam forums. They seem to jump out of nowhere and start attacking the players, hitting them with punches and kicks, This is the most scariest thing to happen when you are not expecting it. Some players claim these skeletons are invulnerable to bullets.

The skeletons aren’t an official Rockstar event. Instead, players on PC seem to be fighting with hackers who are getting smart with how they troll players. This monstrous two-headed skeleton isn’t an original modded work. In fact, it has been in the game since launch. It can be located in the wreckage of a touring circus freakshow, where someone with two heads apparently became trapped and died in the wagon. All that remains is their skeleton in the game, the same skeleton model is now being used to scare and fight random players.

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