Half-Life 2 Discovery Unveiled Gruesome Detail About the Game

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A rather dreadful detail has been found in Half-Life 2, specifically in relation to one of the game’s models, and it paints a rather unsettling picture of the celebrated FPS. More than 18 years after it was released, fans are still hoping Valve will finally make the long-awaited follow-up, especially as Half-Life 3 is one of the most anticipated threequels in all gaming. Sadly, it doesn’t look as though the developer is interested in continuing the antics of Gordon Freeman.

That doesn’t stop fans from revisiting the iconic shooter over and over again. Despite the Half-Life 2 ending on a frustrating cliffhanger, its impeccable action, roster of memorable characters, brilliant level design, and the fact that it springboards from its genre-defining predecessor means it’s still a beloved sequel. Even though it came out in 2004, the visuals still hold up to this day, and while millions have been playing it for almost two decades, there are still some secrets about the game that not everyone will know about.

A discovery has been doing the rounds which shines a light on one aspect of Half-Life 2 that many will find gruesome. In a recent post on Reddit’s r/eyebleach forum, someone asked where the “corpse1.mdl” model gets its detailed texture from, which depicts the dead body of a hobo NPC with a severely charred face. A response links to a forensic photo that depicts a very similar image, essentially indicating that Valve, when developing HL2, must have mapped the burnt image of a real dead person onto the model. Twitter user Richter Overtime also posted about it recently and while they did provide a link to the original, and gory, photograph, Twitter insisted it be taken down.

While it’s not unusual for video games to be gory or show brutality, many might feel Valve took it a step too far by using the face of actual remains as a texture for an in-game model. A report from The Gamer shows that someone has already changed out this texture for a digital rendition instead, for anyone who would like to distance themselves from this brutal Half-Life 2 detail.


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