Halls of Horror Survival Horror Board Game Hits Kickstarter

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Halls of Horror

Maciej Mlynek and the team have designed a new horror survival board game called Halls of Horror. It is a turn-based board game which allows both multiplayer and solo modes.

Halls of Horror is an exploration game in which players battle against other gamers, trying to escape the nightmarish mansion. The goal is to find two keys, find the exit, and get out alive. Collect the keys by exploring rooms, solving puzzles or fighting with other players and characters.

“Thank you for your support and trust in our team! We take this project very seriously. We’ve completed 100% of the game art and design and we conducted detailed playtests. We verified our plans and production process from top to bottom and that greatly minimizes any risks. Currently we are ready for the manufacturing and production stage and all we are waiting for is the success of this Kickstarter campaign. Although we try to think about everything and add buffer time to account for possible delays, there’s always the possibility of unseen risks and issues that can arise during manufacturing. We will keep our backers in the loop through our comprehensive updates and social media posts.”


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