Halo 4: Game of The Year Edition Includes ‘Halo 5′ Costume

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Patience is a virtue in the virtual world of video gaming. Buy in early and you might find yourself at the epicenter of an exciting title, but buy in late and you could just save yourself a whole heap of cash. True, your buddies may have grown tired of a title by then, emigrating away just as its online ranks thin to a thimbleful of their former size – but for the frugally minded gamer, nothing beats a Game of the Year Edition. The latest title to take up the celebrated GotY moniker is none other than award-winning 2012 space shooter Halo 4.

Touching down on October 8th 2013, the Halo 4: Game of the Year Edition includes a wealth of pre and post-release date incentives, from DLC map packs to downloadable skins.

The complete compilation features:

The War Games Map Pass (includes ‘Majestic,’ ‘Castle’ and ‘Crimson’ triple map packs)
The Halo 4 Champions Bundle (includes Bullseye double map pack, and Steel Skin + Infinity Armor aesthetic armor packs)
Armor and Helmet Designs (includes ‘Recruit PRME,’ ‘Venator RPTR,’ ‘Gungnir PULS,’ ‘Oceanic CRCT,’ ‘Hazop FRST,’ ‘CIO WEB,’ ‘Strider,’ ‘Scanner,’ ‘Locus,’ and ‘Deadeye’ skins)
In-game Emblems (includes ‘Spartan,’ ‘Prime,’ ‘Mjolnir,’ ‘Falcon. Row 2: Assassin,’ ‘Bonebreaker,’ ‘Bulletproof,’ and ‘Corbulo’ crests)
Weapon Skins (includes Battle Rifle ’ACT,’ Assault Rifle ’PRM,’ and LightRifle ‘IMP’ finishes)
XBL Themes (includes Haven and Longbow environments)
XBL Avatar items (includes the Ghost vehicle prop, UNSC shirt, and all-new cloaked Master Chief avatar inspired by the E3 2013 Halo trailer)


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