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Halo: Combat Evolved

When things become hard, take up hard bullets and strike back even harder. Video games, the magnum opus of the technology-driven strategic entertainment industry, always keep stepping new directions, with most innovative ideas. One amongst this line that keeps growing is game Halo: Combat Evolved. Go through this Halo: Combat Evolved review to get a better understanding of the game.

Halo: Combat Evolved – An Overview of the Game

Developed by Bungie, this sci-fi and military-strategic first-person genre game was first released in 2001 in Xbox. Microsoft Windows later bought Bungie, and then the game was available on Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was one game that broke lots of records and was showered with many awards. Interestingly, it even went on for four novel adaptations, all of them bestsellers. The well-made graphics, the innovative and well-explained story, the fitting music were all critically appreciated, though of course, we also saw some drawbacks to the game. It had to face some people claiming that the game had repetitions as the game proceeded to the later part. Ten years later in 2011, the tenth edition of the game was released for the tenth anniversary of this acclaimed game. And the game continues to be played.

The Story

The story follows in first person, the main character called “Master Chief” who is a super soldier in the twenty-sixth century. The human race has been destroyed in wars between aliens and humans. These foreign troops of “Covenant” are now looking for Earth, and Master Chief and an Artificial Intelligence named Cortana. They are the only hindrance between the Covenant to achieve their dreams of using “Halo.” It is an intensive weapon that could wipe out the life of the entire galaxy. Master Chief and Cortana for victory and justice should face their main enemy force, Covenant. Besides them, there are these fierce warriors called Elites, short creatures called Grunts, and large, powerful worm-like creatures called Hunters. Adding more spice, they have to face the formerly space pirates, the Jackals, robotic drones designed by an extinct race; parasitic aliens called the Flood. These are a handful of what they have to face amongst the many.

Quick Pick-Ups from The Game

  1. From a similar technique of movement like hyperspace called “slipspace” to starships to a technologically-advanced alien race, the game provides a full-packed science fiction storyline.
  2. It has five main game series with a variety of spinoffs and backstories.
  3. Also, the story had been called “Monkey Nuts” which then became “Blam!” and finally “game Halo: Combat Evolved” before remaining as just “Halo” until Microsoft added the suffix to make the name sound like a military-strategy game.

Check out Halo: Combat Evolved if you are interested in a ringed up in a futuristic strategic game with adaptive storylines. Every true gamer would have surely played or at least heard about the Halo series of games. It is played at competitive levels and is a huge entertainer for the mass. It is surely one of the greatest game series ever to exist.


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