HALO INFINITE Gets HALO 3 Maps And New Squad Playlist

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343 Industries has recently delighted Halo fans with an exciting update to Halo Infinite, featuring new content that pays homage to the franchise’s golden days. One of the highlights of this update is the addition of Halo 3 maps, which brings a wave of nostalgia and has players eagerly diving back into the action. But that’s not all—343 Industries has also introduced a new playlist tailored for those seeking a less intense, player-heavy experience within the expansive world of Halo Infinite.

Say hello to the Squad Battle Playlist, a fresh addition to Halo Infinite’s gameplay that reintroduces beloved maps like Kusini Bay, Vallaheim, and Rat’s Nest. Designed for players who find the chaos of Big Team Battle at 12v12 overwhelming, yet crave more than the standard 4v4 encounters, Squad Battle steps in to fill the gap. This exciting playlist mirrors the grandeur of BTB classics, pitting teams in exhilarating 8v8 matches that seamlessly combine Slayer and Objective game modes. These community-crafted maps strike the perfect balance between infantry and vehicular combat, delivering an immersive experience for both veterans and newcomers alike.

The Squad Battle playlist boasts an array of game modes, including One Flag Capture the Flag, Slayer, King of the Hill, Total Control, and Capture the Flag with options for 3 and 5 captures. It offers a captivating alternative to the vastness of BTB, presenting a more intimate battleground for players to master their skills. However, don’t be fooled by the reduced scale and lower player count, as chaos still thrives in these intense matches. Halo veterans will find themselves right at home, ready to engage in epic battles and create unforgettable moments.

What makes this update even more exciting is the fact that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free-to-play, accessible to players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. So whether you’re a seasoned Halo aficionado or a newcomer to the series, there has never been a better time to join the fray and experience the thrilling multiplayer mayhem of Halo Infinite.

Embark on your Halo adventure today and discover the Squad Battle playlist, where nostalgia meets innovation and epic battles await.

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